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We provide qualified legal & tax services to our clients. Our advice is appreciated in the legal fields of

Legal & Tax M&A:

We provide full-service advice regarding German inbound investments and the acquisition of companies and partnerships. In addition, we advice the tax optimised tax structure regarding the acquisition procedure and the current consulting of the tax and corporation law implementation issues in Germany.

Establishment of branch, corporation or partnership in Germany:

Regarding the investment in Germany, we advise in the full range of tax an legal issues regarding the establishment of a branch, a corporation or a partnership in Germany. We are experienced in optimising the articles of association any shareholder´s agreements in the client´s interest.

Tax advisory services:

As a certified tax attorney and tax advisor, we, together with our competent partners,  provide the full range of tax adivsory services in Germany. In addition, wie are full-service VAT advisors. In 2019, we were awarded best practice international tax lawyer by the renowned German business magazine „Handelsblatt“.

White collar Offences – tax fraud:

Regarding tax fraud and tax evasion issues in Germany, we are experienced as defense counsel and very successful in defending the client. Tax evaison matters can often be resolved on the tax office level without any court procedure.

Succession of Businesses:

As a certified tax specialist and tax advisor in Germany, we advice regarding compley inherintance tax issues under German law.

Anti-Trust & Competition Law:

In the European Union, many issues regarding anti-Trust & Competition law matters have to be fulfilled. We provide competent advice regarding both matters under  the law of Germany.

Lease & Constrution Law, employment law:

We are a competent partner in any litigation matters regarding lease & construciton law and employment law in Germany. We are entitled to take legal actions at any Regional Court in Germany. Lawsuits are proceeded with maximum engagement.